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“Things We Love” Word Clouds

WEC Technology Lesson: “Things We Love” Word Clouds  In time for Valentine’s Day, engage your students in the language lab by creating “word clouds” (pictured above) on the theme of “Things We Love.” Encourage students to post their clouds to … Continue reading

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“False Friends” and Other Pitfalls: How Language Transfer Affects Our Students’ English

By Cathy Sunshine One of my students mentioned recently that he’s volunteering for a nonprofit organization and has made a compromise to that organization. Of course, he meant commitment. The reason for the error is no mystery. In Spanish, my … Continue reading

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Three Games for Teaching Vocabulary and Idioms

This week’s post comes from Kate Maloney, who taught Advanced Plus conversation last summer and is teaching level 4B on weeknights this fall. What games have you used in your classrooms to teach vocabulary? Send them to Alyssa or Denis, … Continue reading

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Teaching Idioms in the ESL Classroom: Give It a Shot!

Most ESL students love learning idioms. Idioms seem to hold a special magic. Students hear these colorful phrases and struggle to decode them, but you usually can’t guess the meaning of an idiom from the meanings of the individual words. … Continue reading

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How Is Your Tiredness? Teaching Greetings in English and Other Languages

What I’ve learned about teaching English as a second language is this: the very things that seem to us native speakers to be basic and oh so simple often turn out to be Oh. So. Hard.

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