Helpful ESL Websites for Teachers and Students

Over the past few years, our volunteers have passed on websites that they have found to be helpful when teaching grammar, listening and reading exercises, and short videos that work well as a warm-up. They are not limited to use in the Language Lab and can be used by students outside of class as well. Here are a few of the top sites recommended to us. If you have found helpful websites that you use in class or refer to students, let us know in the comments! is a website put together by Dr. Ron C. Lee who has created an extensive ESL website, updated regularly and linked to other ESL websites. There are sub-categories for Spanish Speakers, Business English, Grammar, Writing (for all levels, including Beginners), Listening, Idioms and Slang and resources and tips for teaching and lesson planning. streams hundreds of hours of spoken audio in English–classics, short stories, lectures, and author interviews. is a reading website with various categories and interactive elements and a great section for children’s stories and fables. Voice of America is a good site for ESL news and current events in short clips. They also have a section called Idioms in a Minute (can also be found on youtube), which would be good for most intermediate to advanced-level students. is The British Council’s website for all English learners, adult or children, and all English Educators. They have great listening exercises and videos, grammar and vocab exercises and sections on Business English and Academic Writing (Writing for a Purpose) The Reading Room gives students the opportunity to practice your reading skills and improve vocabulary. Students can practice their reading comprehension by using the True/False questions at the end of each story to test their understanding and receive instant feedback. Best suited for more advanced students. is a Global Education Community for more advanced students who wish for lessons on math, social studies, science and health English Language Arts. This site is also great for teachers looking to find full courses, lesson plans or practice exercises for all levels, submitted by ESL professionals. Divided into activities for students and resources for teachers, is a good place to read teaching tips, find ESL jobs, identifying and helping students with dyslexia, and TEFL articles. For students, it’s a great base site for games, quizzes, forums, jokes, vocabulary, writing, reading, pronunciation, grammar, articles and ESL Exams (TOEFL, TOEIC, and the Cambridge ESOL).

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