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Mental Maps for Orientation, Problem Solving, and, of Course, Language Learning

by Jackie Waite As a geographer by day, I like to use geography-based content with my Advanced Conversation club.  Geography’s skills, perspectives, and knowledge make great entry points for sharing experiences and for talking about our students’ new environment.  Recently, … Continue reading

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Everyone’s Favorite Topic: Talking about Food in the ESL Classroom

By Cathy Sunshine Everybody loves to eat! And most people also like to talk about food. Food gives us energy and nutrition, but it’s also tied up with beliefs, customs, emotions, and memories. If you ask our students what they … Continue reading

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Three Games for Teaching Vocabulary and Idioms

This week’s post comes from Kate Maloney, who taught Advanced Plus conversation last summer and is teaching level 4B on weeknights this fall. What games have you used in your classrooms to teach vocabulary? Send them to Alyssa or Denis, … Continue reading

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