Party Time! Fall 2011 Graduation at Language ETC

Language ETC was festive last week with three graduation parties for our weekday, weeknight, and weekend classes. I attended the weeknight graduation with my 1-B class, and we had a great time. The best part, of course, is seeing our students proudly accept their certificates and congratulating them on their hard work. But after that, I have to say, it’s all about the food. This is when our students thank their teachers by bringing in delicious dishes from their countries to share. I had Moroccan tajine with almonds and apricots, Ethiopian injera and doro wat, Salvadoran pupusas with relish, Russian pancakes with jam, and a Myanmar rice-coconut dessert. Did I mention the FOOD???

Everyone enjoys the delicious foods from many countries, all brought by our students!

A teacher looks forward to dinner.

Advanced-level students with their teachers.

Perfect attendance!

Carlendra (white vest) and me (purple sweater) with our 1-B students.

The Winter 2012 term at Language ETC starts January 9. The next blog post will come around then. Happy holidays, everyone!

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