Spring ’11 Graduation: Congratulations to All!

At the end of June, we celebrated the completion of the spring 2011 term at Language ETC. Proud graduates received their certificates, teachers congratulated their classes, and then everyone descended on the food tables for the feast. Ethiopian lentils and injera, Salvadoran pupusas, Russian pancakes with jam, Mexican enchildadas — it was all delicious and it all went fast!

A Saturday/Sunday PM class shows their joy.

Another Saturday/Sunday PM class. These weekenders are a feisty bunch!

Weekend volunteer coordinator Lee Griffiths with two Sunday morning graduates.

An Advanced student enjoys the party.

Fried chicken was popular.

Weeknight graduates.

More weeknight graduates.

Three happy grads!

Great job, everybody!

Some 3B weeknight students with their teachers.

Teacher congratulates a Tuesday/Thursday morning class.

On to the summer term! See you in July.

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One Response to Spring ’11 Graduation: Congratulations to All!

  1. Joy says:

    congratulations to everyone! such a fun place to volunteer :-)

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