New Photos of LETC Students and Teachers! (And a Workshop, Too…)

Sometimes you hit it just right with an activity, and students look like this:

Engaged, active, and excited, that is. But despite our best intentions, it’s not so easy to do.

That’s why program director Ann-Lloyd Hufstader is encouraging all volunteer teachers to attend a workshop called “Get Adult ESOL Students Engaged! Interactive Strategies for Teaching Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing.” The workshop will be held on Saturday, June 4, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., in Room 207 at LETC. Coffee and donuts will be served. Sign up here.

Coordinated by DCLearns, the workshop is open to ESL teachers in other local schools, so it will be an interesting opportunity to meet our counterparts and share ideas. Ashley Lipps, our AmeriCorps volunteer (below right), will be attending and hopes others will join her.

Ashley had this to say:

Our students love to hear teachers talk on and on about the past tense or health vocabulary (they do, don’t they?). But they also want a chance to use what they’re learning. There’s a big gap between seeing new language on a chalkboard and using it out in the real world.

We want our students to interact with each other and practice their English actively. How often has an exercise in the Ventures textbook left you wanting more? Students go through the activity and give accurate answers, but their responses sometimes seem mechanical. Nobody gets too excited, nobody speaks spontaneously. How do you take them to the next level?

In the workshop, we’ll develop activities to get beginning through advanced learners engaged in learning English. We’ll work in small groups to share the interactive teaching strategies we’re already using and create new ones. The workshop will be led by MaryAnn Florez, now with the Fairfax County Public Schools, who’s an experienced ESL instructor and teacher trainer. I’ve been a part of trainings with MaryAnn before, and she has great ideas to share. I hope to see you on June 4!

By the way, the wonderful new photos are by Elsie Hull, a professional photographer who’s a former LETC volunteer. There are more where these came from, so check the blog again soon. All photos © Elsie Hull.

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