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End of Term Tip: Use a Google Spreadsheet for Student Evaluation

The end of the term brings the all-important task of student evaluation. Ideally, all the teachers on a team should participate in evaluating each student and deciding whether the student should advance. But with people’s busy schedules, it’s often hard … Continue reading

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Latino Nation: 2010 Census Results Coming In

The Census Bureau is busy crunching the numbers on the recently completed census, and on Thursday they made an announcement that probably won’t surprise anyone at Language ETC. The 2010 census shows America’s rapidly increasing ethnic diversity. The big story … Continue reading

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LETC’s Language Lab: A Place for Work and Play

Did you know that you can do much more than grammar with your students in the language lab? To be sure, Ventures Arcade, the software that accompanies our textbooks, is a great way of reinforcing class work. Grammar becomes more … Continue reading

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Using Picture Books with Adult ESL Learners

Apart from root canals, jury duty, and that whole overrated earn-a-living thing, what’s the worst part of adulthood? No more children’s books! I loved reading as a child, as I would guess many of us language folks did. Later I … Continue reading

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Classroom Activity: Teaching Adverbs of Frequency

By Cathy Sunshine At Language ETC, we always put our students first. We often come up with creative activities for the classroom. Teaching at Language ETC is sometimes challenging, but it is never boring!

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