The Couple that Teaches Together . . . A Belated Valentine’s Day Post

So, Valentine’s Day got by me again. Or maybe I let it go. It’s been all downhill since third grade. What ever happened to those ossified candy hearts with “Kiss Me” (or, in recent years, “Text Me”) stamped on them? And those cheesy little cards (a package of 30 for $1.99), dutifully signed and dropped on your desk even by that mean girl who didn’t invite you to her birthday party?

But I digress. My team went out for a drink last Friday, and I learned that one of my co-teachers, Amy Hille Glasscock, is part of a dynamic wife-husband duo volunteering together at LETC. That seems in keeping with the spirit of Valentine’s Day, so I chatted with Amy and her husband Will Glasscock about the joys and perils of spousal co-volunteering (see below).

In fact, LETC has at least two other married couples at the moment, and has had several in the past. Mary Janice Dicello, one of the program’s very first volunteer teachers, currently teaches Basic A-II, while her husband Frank Dicello teaches Advanced. Susan and Larry Rausch teach 1B-I together.

Director Carolyn Morrissey recalls, “There was a couple that got married a couple of years ago who sent LETC a donation in lieu of giving favors at their wedding reception, which was a really lovely gift!”

With that, over to Amy and Will.

So, let’s cut straight to the most important question. How did you two celebrate Valentine’s Day? Flowers, chocolates, a candlelight dinner? Inedible candy hearts?

Amy: Well, this was our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple. We had just flown back into town early that morning, so we were pretty beat, but I still cooked up an easy last-minute dinner with candles and champagne.
Will: I had gotten us tickets to see one of our favorite bands, Josh Ritter, so we headed to the concert at the 9:30 Club after dinner.
Amy: It was actually a pretty great Valentine’s Day for both of us!

What classes do you teach at Language ETC?

Amy: This is the first term for both of us. I wasn’t sure how comfortable I would be in the classroom, but I really love it! I teach 3A now and I always feel like I have more energy at the end of class than I came in with. The students are just great.
Will: I teach 4B and I have a great teaching mentor in Joan Kerrigan. I’ve really enjoyed teaching at LETC this semester.
Amy: I’ve had a great mentor in Susan Schneider as well. It’s good that we’ve had mentors this term, because we’ve decided to teach 3B together next term.

Wife and husband in the same classroom? How’s that going to work?

Amy: Well, we actually used to work together on Capitol Hill, so it won’t be our first interaction as a professional team. We’re one of those couples that can spend a lot of time together. We don’t have to spend a lot of time together, but when we do, we don’t want to kill each other.
Will: Amy and I are a great team and teaching together should be lots of fun.

Amy Hille Glasscock and Will Glasscock

How has volunteering together affected your relationship? Not to be too nosy or anything.

Amy: Volunteering together gives us another shared activity outside of our daily lives or our friends to talk about, along with a sense of purpose and community.
Will: It’s been great having something else in common that we can do together. And, Amy makes a pretty hot teacher!
Amy: Haha. Thanks, honey.

Why did you choose to volunteer at LETC instead of somewhere else?

Will: We’ve wanted to get involved with a volunteer organization for a long time, and there are few opportunities that allow you to have as much direct impact on others’ lives as teaching ESL.
Amy: We’re also interested in joining the Peace Corps before settling down, and we know that teaching English is a good way to build valuable skills.

It certainly is. Many thanks to Amy and Will. LETC has so many fabulous volunteers — want to tell your story?

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