Free Online Training Website for ESL Teachers

This from our program director, Ann-Lloyd Hufstader:

The U.S. Education Department’s Office of Vocational and Adult Education has launched the English Language Learning University (ELL-U) website, a free interactive professional development network for ELL practitioners (that’s us, folks).

ELL-U combines face-to-face events and online learning activities with collaborative social networking. Users working with English language learners may register at no cost for 24-hour access to self-paced online courses, study circles, and training events. Forums and discussions will be moderated by ELL-U’s experts and will offer opportunities to collaborate with ELL professionals building a nationwide community of practice.

Online “office hours” will be held by the following faculty members: Martha Bigelow, associate professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, University of Minnesota; Susan Finn Miller, teacher and teacher educator, Lancaster-Lebanon IU 13; and Kathy Harris and Steve Reder, both professors of applied linguistics, Portland State University.

ELL-U will launch its full catalog of learning activities this spring. For more information, please contact

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One Response to Free Online Training Website for ESL Teachers

  1. Sallowaris says:

    I would like to study online and become an excellent teacher to develop my country

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