Hidden Resources: The Ventures Workbook and Add Ventures

For the first two years I taught at LETC, I pretty much ignored the Ventures Workbook. It wasn’t on the syllabus, so I wasn’t sure how, or if, we were supposed to use it. And I didn’t even know there was such a thing as Add Ventures. Add what?

In the last year, though, I’ve come to see that both of them are hugely useful, particularly for coping with the wide spread of abilities that exists in nearly every class. Now I use them almost every time I teach.

The Ventures Level 4 Workbook.

The Workbook and Add Ventures supplement the Ventures Student’s Book, providing additional exercises that cover the same grammar and vocabulary. There are two Workbook pages and one Add Ventures worksheet for each lesson in the Student’s Book.

There are two Workbook pages corresponding to each lesson in the Student's Book.

A nice feature is that each Add Ventures worksheet comes in three versions: slightly below the level of the Student’s Book, at the same level, and slightly above level, as indicated by the checked box at the top. You can select the level that best suits each student.

Copies of Add Ventures worksheets are available in the teachers' lounge. Each worksheet comes in three levels of difficulty.

Here are a few examples of ways to use these resources:

  • To give extra challenges to more advanced students so they don’t sit idle if they finish an assignment before the rest of the class. Every time you assign an exercise in the Student’s Book, be ready with a Workbook page or Add Ventures worksheet, keyed to the lesson you’re teaching, for students who finish early.
  • For review and reinforcement. You can use these extra exercises to give your class more practice with a lesson or review before a test.
  • For homework. Not all students have time to work at home, but some do. Workbook and Add Ventures exercises are designed for students to do on their own—no partner work or audio CD is needed. So they are ideal for self-study.

Students receive the Workbook along with the Student’s Book when they enroll, but they don’t always bring the Workbook to class. Let your students know that they should bring both books with them every time.

Add Ventures worksheets are filed in the teachers’ lounge, in the shelving unit on the right-hand side of the back room. The sheets have been pre-copied (a big help!) and you can grab the ones for your lesson on your way to class. Please be sure to return any unused copies to the box next to the shelves after class.

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