Welcome to LETC Teachers’ Corner!

This blog is for the volunteer teachers and tutors of English as a second language, literacy, and computer skills at Language ETC. It provides resources to help volunteers fulfill LETC’s mission of improving the lives of immigrants through education.

In the coming months, LETC will be gradually expanding its use of social media. The teachers’ blog is a work in progress. Its success will depend on feedback from the entire teacher community at LETC, so let us hear from you!

Some of the materials we plan to post:

  • ESL activities to supplement the curriculum, such as games, role-plays, and field trips. We expect that the best ideas will come from our teachers, so you’re invited to send brief descriptions of activities that have worked well in your classes. The more creative, the better! If an activity is chosen for the blog, we’ll ask for step-by-step instructions so that your fellow teachers can try it out.
  • Teaching tips. Do you have suggestions on how to manage a classroom with students at different levels of proficiency? How to draw out quiet students, and tap the energy of talkative ones? Share them with your fellow teachers!
  • Profiles of LETC volunteers, students, and staff. We want to showcase the wide range of talents and life experiences in the LETC community.
  • Teacher reflections. What does volunteering at LETC bring to our lives? What do we accomplish by teaching English to immigrants? What do we learn from our students? Share your thoughts.
  • Student writing. We’ll occasionally feature outstanding student writing from LETC classrooms.
  • Announcements of ESL workshops and other professional development opportunities in the DC area.
  • Links to online ESL resources and publications of interest.

LETC Teachers’ Corner is written by Cathy Sunshine, a weeknight 3A volunteer teacher, with input from the Language ETC staff. Do you have ideas for the blog? Want to contribute material or be interviewed for a profile? Let us know.

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